Classes are conducted in an interactive format with emphasis on the individual’s responsibility to change.  The student will receive information about antisocial behavior and its legal consequences.

  • By completing a workbook, the student will explore his or her own values and compare them to societal norms and standards as they relate to the law and justice system.  The student’s workbook will also lead to group discussions addressing the role of the Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender and Probation Officer.
  • Students will take the opportunity to accept responsibility for their behavior and express remorse in a group setting. Empathy towards victims will be the emphasis.  This program is intended to give the student the opportunity to discover his or her own reason for change. In addition, the student will be required to write a letter of explanation addressing their decisions. 
  • Students will receive a certificate upon completion.

C.O.P.S. offers classes for the following:

  • Property Offenders
  • Alcohol/Drug Offenders
  • Aggressive Offenders
  • Graffiti/Vandalism Offenders
  • Truancy
  • At risk youth